Save the Siberian Cedars! Plant your own mini-forest in the territory of our forest park 25 km from Omsk, Russia. Share it with your friends!

Hello. My name is Maxim Chapov. I live in Omsk (Russia) and grow trees since 2014.

Sometimes I buy trees in state nurseries. So one day in 2016 I found myself in the foothills of the Sayans.

I found an abandoned plantation of Siberian cedar: 100,000 cedars grew on the territory of 20 acres, they were very crowded. Today, these cedars are dying, because they were not seated in time, and now grow literally on each other. 

I bought all of them. Me and my friends were able to attach a part of the cedars, some part was lost. They must be seated further. About 50 thousand cedars remained alive. To save them, I took 7.5 hectares of land in a 25 km from Omsk. I create a forest park "Bolshekulachye" - the village is called. Look at this place.

It's hard for me alone. The amount of work is great. I suggest you help me. You can get your own alley in the forest park: 300 square meters of land plus a set of 40 seedlings of your choice for $ 150.

You can choose any trees to plant on your 300 sq.m.: Cedar, pine or spruce, blue spruce, mountain pine, Siberian fir, larch, linden, mountain ash, pyramidal poplar, willow globule, rhododendron Daurian. The cost of the site includes the first year of protection and care for your plantings. I guarantee your trees will grow on the territory of the forest park, they will not be cut down. At any time of the year you can visit the territory of the park, watch the growth of your trees and park entirely.

I already have experience in saving trees. You can see how I planted them in another village near Omsk.

My action should remind everyone that the Siberian city of Omsk was originally located in the steppe. All the trees in our city were grown and planted by people. Omsk masters know how to create oases in the desert.

For today there are vacant lots. They are marked in white.

The main goal of the forest park is to save the Siberian cedars from the Sayan foothills.

Siberian cedars need to be planted. This is a sacred tree. Cedars clean the air and create oxygen for the whole planet. If nothing is done, they will perish.

You can support the project free of charge. I could not find enough support in Russia. I will be grateful for any donations.

My requisites:

1. The card of the Sberbank VISA 4276 4500 2232 8625

2. Yandex-money: 41001806274495

3. Any bank card through our website:

4. Qiwi: +79507808249

5. Paypal: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


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viber: +79507808249


Thank you for your attention and for helping to save the cedars! We will build a forest park "Bolshakulachye" together!

* * *

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